Victory Core SAT Simulation Test (SAT Verbal + SAT Math)

  • Newly created SAT Verbal and SAT Math Questions by Victory Core professionals!
  • Challenging questions
  • Very similar to real Bluebook exam format
  • Score evaluation and explanations provided instantly after test

Please READ BEFORE taking the test.

1. Should do in exam condition 2 hours 14 mins according to the steps below.

SectionDurationNo. Of Questions
Reading and Writing Module 132 minutes27 questions
Reading and Writing Module 232 minutes27 questions
10 minutes break
Maths Module 135 minutes22 questions
Maths Module 235 minutes22 questions

2. Do not leave any question blank for all modules and sections to maintain exam condition.

3. Do not leave the window or change to other applications while doing the test

because the system will detect cheating and force you to restart the test all over.

4. Each test can be done 3 times.

Simulation Test (Free)

Normal Price per set: 700 THB (Victory Core’s Student 10% discount: 630)

3 Sets Package: 2,059 (686.3/set) (Victory Core’s Student 10% discount: 1,890 (630/set))

5 Sets Package: 3,399 (679.8/set) (Victory Core’s Student 10% discount: 3,059 (611.8/set))

10 Sets Package: 6,099 (609.9/set) (Victory Core’s Student 10% discount: 5,489.1 (548.91/set))

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